2019: Year of the Spartan

In October of 2018, I got my annual physical and came face-to-face with the reality of my current weight and fitness levels. I was at 30 BMI and at my lowest amount of regular physical activity in years. The trend was not good.

My wife encouraged me to try Noom – I signed up for it the same day as my physical – and the support and coaching that I got through that little mobile app was transformational. It wasn’t just about reducing calories and increasing activity; it was complete mindset shift. I think about food differently now.

I had set myself up for extremely gradual weight loss. I figured that this was a marathon, not a sprint. By March of 2019 I was already seeing major improvements in the way I looked and felt. And so I made a crazy commitment to myself. 2019 was going to be the year that I completed my first Spartan Trifecta.

I had run Spartan Sprints – 3 to 5 mile obstacle course races – in the past. But never a Super (8 to 12 miles) and certainly never a Beast (13 plus miles). And now I was going to do all of them in a calendar year. This goal scared me a little bit, but then – fear is a great motivator 🙂

I’m putting this here mostly as a reminder to myself – that at age 45, I accomplished this. And moreover, if I want to maintain what I’ve achieved, I need to keep finding the edges of my comfort zone and pushing past them. So yeah, I’m already signed up for a 2020 trifecta 🙂

Hey reader – if you’re motivated too – embrace patience, embrace focus, and crush those challenges!