Coding Projects

I'm nhr on GitHub. Here are some of my more interesting projects:


While I was part of the OpenShift team, I was responsible for managing several consecutive product releases. Understanding our progress against bug counts was critical to staying on top of our quarterly release cadence. I wrote Shiftzilla to start capturing Bugzilla-based info and offering us a way to analyze long-time trends on a per-release and per-development-team basis.


Another problem we had to solve for OpenShift was managing documentation for several different versions of the product at once. The fantastic AsciiDoctor tool could handle converting markdown pages (specifically, AsciiDoc pages) to HTML, but there was no utility at the time that could compile a bunch of AsciiDoctor-generated pages into a single website. I created AsciiBinder to solve that problem.

The SWN Sector Generator

Totally not work-related, but very relevant to one of my hobbies. I took the open-sourced rules for a role playing game called Stars Without Number and created this galaxy generator that has been running almost continuously since 2010.

Non-Coding Projects

Totally Normal Dance Mix

My DJ persona is DJ Harrison Ripps. Starting in April of 2020 I started live streaming a DJ set every Friday night. This was the birth of a listening party / Zoom hangout that has come to be known as the Quarantine Dance Mix. We all thought the pandemic would be behind us after a few months, and I thought the same thing about my DJ sets. I went weekly for a full calendar year! Now that things have opened up a bit, I'm livestreaming on the first Friday of every month.

Blogging and Creative Writing

My on-again-off-again hobby for many years. In an alternate universe I'm a professional writer. Some day I may be one here, too. In the meantime, there's this blog.