That App You Love – Headed to!

Starting back in September I published a series of articles for the Red Hat Developer Blog under the series title “That App You Love”. I’m psyched to announce that “That App You Wrote”, my followup presentation, has been accepted as a talk at this month! Didn’t read the original series? You can follow along here...

  1. Making a Connection

  2. Immutable but Flexible – What Settings Matter?

  3. Every Setting in Its Place

  4. Designing a Config-and-Run Container

  5. Upping Our (Cloud) Game

  6. Container, Meet Cloud

  7. Wired for Sound

  8. A Blueprint for “That App You Love”

  9. Storage and Statefulness

  10. Long Live “That App You Love”

The upcoming talk will summarize the highlights of the series, along with some additional notes on cloudify-ing legacy apps. If you can get to Brno at the end of January, is a great annual tech conference and registration to attend is completely free.

That App You Love on GitHub

If you want to fast-forward to the full stack application from my blog series, make sure you read Part 5 and Part 9. Then you can grab some helpful template files from nhr/znc-cluster-app on GitHub. Happy coding!